Thursday, 30 October 2014

Autumn OOTD | + Lipstick Picks

As I was popping out for a stroll today, I thought I'd show you all my outfit and makeup choice. I did wear a coat - Will make sure I pop it in a future post!

As a self proclaimed scarf hoarder (I probably own over 100), i take my scarf choice very seriously! I really like this pink and grey toned scarf from H&M, as it pairs well with just about any outfit and gives a little insurgence of colour. My dress is from JunaRose at Asos, purchased a couple of months ago and I've had so much wear of out it! It's super comfortable jersey fabric, boat neckline and exposed zip make it classic but quirky. It is still available on the Asos website and even better - Its now in the sale! Click here for a look.  Got to admit, I'm in love with this necklace. A gift from the boyfriend a few weeks ago, purchased in Zara. It's very heavy - as many of Zara's necklaces are - covered in chains and rhinestones, and at £19.99 I think its definitely a bargain! If you follow me on Insta you'll have seen a sneak peak of my new leather ankle boots from Asos. They're the perfect width, very comfortable and I love the chain detail. I think this is their first attempt at own brand wide-fit boots - I would certainly recommend them. My plain black leggings are also from Asos Curve - I must have about 10 pairs of them!

Today I rediscovered a lipstick I bought a few months ago and totally forgot about! YSL lipsticks are probably my favourite in terms of packaging - they're stunning. This is the Rouge Volupte Shine in shade 8. Its a beautiful sheeny pink with a bit of sparkle. The formula itself is long-lasting and sits nicely on the lips - ideal day-time lipstick!

I have an every-growing lipstick obsession, so when I see any new releases from my favourite brands I tend to always buy a couple to try out. Mac's recent launch of their 'Matte Lip' collection was very positively received within the beauty blogger community! The formula is spot on - perfectly matte without being drying on the lips. My picks were - Nouvelle vogue - A muted blue pink, and Fashion Revival - the most beautiful dark raspberry. I popped Fashion Revival on in the evening, let me know what you think!

I'd love to know your favourite autumn accessory and lipstick picks! Let me know in the comments box below. xx

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Body Positivity | Happiness isn't Size Specific

I recently created and posted the below image on insta. It's something i truly believe in. I will wear what I want, when I want, how I want and will not entertain anyone trying to tell me what I should and shouldn't wear, purely because of my shape and body size. Admittedly, I used to listen to these comments and shy away from certain garments, always follow items designed for 'pear shaped' women and never wore anything too revealing - mainly as I was petrified of any comments being made to my face or behind my back. Now, my mindset has done a 180 and i couldn't care less what people have to say about what I wear. I have a body, just like every other human being. Mine might look different, but that's my point... its mine.

Wear clothes and make-up that YOU love, don't wear them for other people. I still listen to a lot of my mums opinions and comments on fashion and lifestyle, some of which have had a strong effect on me. Forever she has commented on how lovely that 'petite' girl I went to school with is, how gorgeous that woman looks now that she's lost weight and how I look nice when I'm wearing something that makes me look smaller. Comments like this did affect my confidence, but now, I just agree with them, Were all different, fat, thin, tall, short, apple, hourglass. I can appreciate the beauty of a size 6 woman as much as I can appreciate a size 22 woman. Each have their own qualities which makes them beautiful as individuals. If someone has a problem with how you look, that's their problem, not yours. You only get to live once, don't spent it trying to always please someone else. One of the biggest body positive tips I could offer, is to delete negative people from your life. Over the past year I've begun to distance myself from anyone who continually brings down others, comments on people's appearances and generally bitches a lot. I can honestly say that it has helped my confidence, self-esteem and own positivity, as not being around those negative vibes and remarks has helped me to fully open my mind and appreciate this subject from various perspectives.

Wear what you want to wear, do what you want to do, surround yourself with like minded positive people and don't let society dictate to you what you should be doing with your life. It belongs to YOU.

I'd love to hear any comments or tips you have to offer on body positivity! Please leave any in the comments section below. xx

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Friday, 24 October 2014

SimplyBe | Top 3 Autumn Knits

Stylish but comfortable knitwear is an essential element for any accomplished autumn wardrobe. This season, SimplyBe have an extensive range of on trend yet practical knitwear pieces. I've selected three of my favourites: a cardi, a statement knit and a textured jumper.

| No.1 | The Midi-Cardi|

This Cardi pairs the seasons most sought after style - The Midi - with the shape of the season - the cocoon. I really like the fine knit fabric, which makes it great for layering and versatility. The loose laid back cocoon shape is perfect for lounging, otherwise adding a skinny belt, statement jewellery and a red lipstick will see you from day to night.

| No.2 | The Statement Knit | 

Everyone needs an autumn statement knit...and this one certainly doesn't disappoint! With a fur trim collar, a bold yet autumnal aztec design and a dipped back hem cut, this coatigan mixes print with warmth to create the perfect snug yet stylish outerwear option. Team this with a cigarette trouser, floaty cami and some patent leather brogues for a super chic look.

|No. 3 | The Textured Jumper |

This jumper is probably my favourite of all 3. Its beautiful dark olive hue, thick textured knit and long sleeved style instantly drew me in! I love the length as I have quite a long torso, I always look for longer length knitwear pieces (and usually fail to find many).I'd pair this with black skinnies, ankle boots, gold statement jewellery and a gothic dark red lip.

What are your favourite styles and shapes of knitwear? Would you wear any of these pieces? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Autumn | Wardrobe Essentials | Newlook Inspire

Autumn is probably my favourite season for fashion due to the beautiful rich colour palette, heavy embellished jewellery and super cosy knitwear! I’m really impressed with New look Inspire’s autumn range which includes a variety of on trend pieces from ripped skinnies to cocoon style coats.
This season is the perfect time to play around with textures too. Be brave and mix faux fur with patent, leather with fringing – experiment! Summer tends to be about as little clothing as possible whereas autumn is all about embellished pieces and layering.

I've picked out some of my favourite looks for this season from New Look Inspire. Every look contains an ‘Autumn Wardrobe Staple which I believe are essential for your A/W wardrobe. I've mixed textures, fabrics and trends whilst keeping comfort and warmth in mind. The purple underlined staple pieces will take you to the New Look inspire product pages when clicked!

Outfit | No. 1 | Off Duty

I love this casual yet on trend look which incorporates the staple ripped black jean of the season, a checked long line coat and comfortable but chic flat Chelsea boots (wide-fit). I’m usually not too into slogan jumpers and Ts, but love the simplicity of this one! Pair with a statement necklace like this beautiful embellished floral piece to finish your Off Duty look.

Outfit | No. 2 | Cocktail-wear

I cannot get over this beautiful pleat front skater dress. It might look a little simplistic but that's the beauty of it! It's thick - and rather luxurious feeling - deep berry coloured fabric, pleated front, and elbow length sleeve meant it was a no-brainer purchase for me and most definitely a wardrobe staple! I'd team this with black footwear - a lace up cut out sandal, or if you fancy going for flats, New Look have a very chic pair of (wide-fit) ankle strap pumps with gold detailing. Gold definitely sets off the colour of this dress beautifully, so with that in mind I added a black and gold quilted clutch (with detachable chain), a STUNNING gold and pink statement necklace and lastly a bold lip and polish!

Outfit | No. 3 | Loungewear

I don't know about you, but when its rainy and a little too chilly outside, I love nothing more than getting wrapped up, lighting some candles and watching a movie! I therefore had to dedicate an outfit purely on comfort! At home I tend to live in leggings and T's which I pair with a midi cardigan, oversized scarf and a pair of slipper boots, or cosy socks to complete my typical loungewear look. A midi cardigan is a very versatile autumn wardrobe staple. It can be dressed up or down depending on the style, and is generally easy to wear or add onto an outfit for layering. I love the black and white space-dye cardi from the Inspire range as it looks uber comfortable but still stylish. Id team it with a double sided tartan scarf (one of this seasons primary prints). When I'm having a pamper evening I paint my nails without fail! These 3 shades are perfect for A/W, and at only £2.99 a bottle - very reasonably priced!

What are your Autumn Wardrobe staples? Would you wear these 3 outfit choices? Let me know in the comments section below! 


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Little About Me


I'm Chloe. I'm 24, and currently (temporarily) living in the Scottish Borders. I'm absolutely cosmetic/skincare obsessed, I blame working at Clinique for 2 years on fueling my love for cosmetics, and working in the fashion industry doesn't help my savings account either...I want to buy EVERYTHING...Also very much into fashion, specifically plus size fashion - I'm a very firm believer that the world would be very boring if we all looked the same. I have more than a few extra curves, and I'm more than happy to dress however the hell I want! :) I tend to frequently dabble in spending far too much money when shopping... I'm hopefully not alone on that one!

I decided to start blogging for a variety of reasons... Let me pop them in a little list for you. 

- I like talking, and I'm quite creative so thought that this could be fun!
- There are not enough UK sites discussing plus size fashion which looks genuinely fashionable - not oversized floral/cartoon tshirt/tent top stylee!
- Due to have a rather annoying condition - Psoriatic Arthritis - I currently have a bit of time on my hands. 

I'm hoping to post on beauty, new beauty releases, plus size fashion, outfit posts future trends, lifestyle shizz, possibly some posts on living with psoriatic Arthritis, and i'll most definitely pop in some selfies! 

This is all very new to me, so hopefully if you're reading this now, you'll like what's to come! 

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