Monday, 15 December 2014

Lifestyle | Wintry Lazy Day

I don't know about you, but when it gets chilly and I start feeling festive, I tend to want to stay inside and hibernate! This is just a little insight into the kind of thing I like to do on one of those days! I also did a bit of gift wrapping and quite a lot of procrastinating...

The very first thing I did...

Then I took a minute to...

Necessity for any chilly day...

Then I lit my favourite candle! Just now its the Yankee Black Coconut candle.

Finally, I gathered together some magazines, and my kindle watch some Netflix!

Gingerbread man onesie - Yours Clothing
Darjeeling tea - Harvey Nichols
Black Coconut Candle - Yankee Candle

So, that was my day! I usually do my nails and pop on a face-mask too if I'm feeling like I need a bit of pampering (all the time).

What do you like to do on lazy days? Do you have a favourite candle of type of tea? I'd love to know, so as always feel free to pop your comments below! xx

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Skincare | Product Review | Safa Skincare

As a self confessed beauty and skincare addict, I'm always excited to try out new brands and products. The lovely ladies at Safa sent me over the Cleansing Milk and Daily Moisturiser to try out*. I was really looking forward to giving these products a test run as my skin has been freaking out a little lately (due to the change in weather), and also because of the natural organic ingredients included in the Safa skincare range.

The packaging itself is fresh, clean and entirely brand appropriate. It proudly displays the Halaal approved and  The Organic Soil Association emblems, reminding the buyer of just a couple of perks of buying into Safa skincare. You can tell in everything that this brand does that their focus lies within their pure, organic ingredients. Inside the box, is a super useful (and easy to follow) leaflet on how to use the product properly to get the best results possible. I also spotted in said leaflet that this range is recommended for Acne prone skin due to its lightweight and PH balancing formula. 

I used the Safa products for two weeks- morning and night - to get a proper feel for them and how they impacted my skin. The Cleansing Milk formula is light, non sticky and feels refreshing and cooling. With ingredients such as rosehip oil and sweet almond it smells amazing whilst cleansing your skin preparing for exfoliation. The Daily Moisturiser smells quite similar, but not as strong - which I actually prefer as I don't want my face to smell of skincare products for too long. Anything that contains Organic Shea butter and Argan oil is most definitely my kinda skincare product! Not only are these ingredients great for dry skin, but for dehydrated skin too which is desperate for a surge of hydration. This moisturiser certainly gives that! My skin practically drank it up in seconds, leaving it feeling soft, regenerated and the perfect base for my make-up.

Over the two weeks I definitely began to notice a difference in my skin in terms of the patches of dryness i tend to get in winter time, which have now thankfully departed! My skin itself feels softer and brighter, and my make-up now stays on for longer - bonus! All in all Safa skincare was enjoyable to use and has certainly improved the balance of my skin in just a couple of weeks.

You can find Safa Skincare in Holland & Barratt at the end of December or alternatively on Facebook and Twitter where they hold monthly competitions to give you the chance to win some goodies! 

Is organic skincare important to you? Do you regularly mix up your skincare routine like I do to try to find the perfect combination? As always feel free to pop your thoughts below :) xx

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*This post contains products which were kindly sent to me for review. This post is not sponsored, and all opinions are as always - my own. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Beauty | LookFantastic Black Friday Round 2 |

If you happened to miss out on Black Friday mania last week (where on earth were you? Also, congratulations for managing to!) then I might be able to help. LookFantastic have just launched Round 2 with big bargains galore featuring heavy weight brands such as Benefit, Molton Brown and GHD. So, if you're looking for your final few little gifts, or a compact list to send over to the boyf (I've already done it muaha!) this could be just what you needed...

As always just click the purple links which'll shimmy you over to the page you want to go to! All of the Exclusive offers below expire on 8.12.14 so be quick!

I'd love to know if you buy any of these goodies! Tag me in your insta (@Chlo_Ellio) and Twitter (@ChloEllio) pics if you do. Also let me know in the comments if you've finished your Christmas shopping! xx
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Monday, 1 December 2014

Fashion & Beauty | Christmas Holiday Essentials

So, since I'm now officially allowed to be in full festive mode (woohoooo!), I felt the need to share my Christmas Holiday Essentials - The little things that I cannot live without for the month of December! I haven't added any fashion in this one as I'm going to do a separate Christmas day outfit post.

  1. Chocolate - Specifically Ferrero Rocher. For me, Christmas cannot happen without these!
  2. Hot Chocolate - even better in a pretty festive mug! Love this one from Paperchase.
  3. A Good Moisturiser - my skin freaks out in winter, so I always invest in a high quality moisturiser. My favourite being the Origins, Make a difference + moisturiser.
  4. A Hydrating lip balm- On days when I'm just relaxing, I always pop something on my lips to keep them hydrated and soft. My lipbalm of choice is the Origins, drink up hydrating lipbalm which is so moisturising and also comes in a range of different colours!
  5. A Cosy Hot water Bottle - for me, snuggling on the sofa watching Christmas movies wouldn't be the same without one! This Grey fur hot water bottle from boots looks super soft!
  6. Your Favourite Christmas Movies - There are almost too many to name, but the two I probably watch the most are - Elf (Buddy completes Christmas for me) and Home Alone.
  7. An Abundance of Snug Festive Socks - Staying warm seems to be a growing theme in my festive essentials... These Red Snowflake Textured socks from Newlook look perfect!
  8. A Christmas Jumper! - I'm jumping on the bandwagon this year with this cute Penguin jumper from Yours Clothing. Penguins galore this season thanks to Monty at John Lewis!
  9. The Softest Slipper Boots You Can Find - I've lived in the pink and grey pairs of these Quilted slippers from Matalan, for weeks now, so warm, mega soft and such a bargain at £7 a pair!
  10. An Advent Calendar - Who said you had to be a child to have one?! Whether its chocolate, beauty products or just something for you to open up to feel a little more festive everyday - go for it! I've done a separate blog post on Beauty Advent Calendars so if you'd like a wee look for some inspiration, click here!

What are your Christmas holiday essentials? Would also love to know what your favourite Christmas movies are incase I've missed one! As always, feel free to pop your comments below :) xx

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