Tuesday, 31 January 2017

4 Tips On How To Dress Simply But Look Chic

My style has evolved quite considerably over the past year. I used to accessorise a little too hard, and never really felt put together or comfortable that I'd found my own 'style'. Now, when I'm organising an outfit I look for simple pieces as my starting point and build the look from there. I have a few tips for doing just that - dressing up your favourite basic wardrobe staples to make chic, put together looks. 

1. Colours + Cuts - Stick to a few colour ways. Of course, prints etc can look chic but, if you're looking to keep it simple select a few key colours for your 'basics' and build the look with specific accessories. I went with grey and pink as my main shades for this look, with a simple block cut dress and midi coat. The cut of what you're wearing can also affect the overall vibe too, and while I'm all for playing with shapes and lengths, stick to classic styles, that way you'll easily be able to reinvent your basics's time after time. 

2.  Statement Accessories - After you've got your clothing pieces sorted, start building your overall look with classic, but impactful accessories. One key piece for this season is the neck scarf which I am ALL OVER. They look super chic, and the one I'm wearing offers a nice pop of colour - it has a little pink in it too so ties in perfectly with my coat. Whilst my bag isn't the most 'statement' of accessories, it is a stand out style with its hexagon handle (alternative handle shapes are going to be everywhere this SS17) and classic Gucci-esque triple stripe. 

3.  Muted Lip - Whilst I definitely consider a red lip the perfect accessory to pull together most outfits (I did a whole post on that here), a muted nude lip is the epitome of chic. It's simple, but has impact and helps to push the primary focus on to your outfit. I opted for the Nyx lip lingerie in 'Bedtime flirt' as it's a timeless muted pink which I think looks great with this look!

4. Be Comfortable - You don't have to wear heels, or an extravagant dress to look chic. Sometimes keeping it simple can be exactly what makes it look effortless. I've worn really uncomfortable items in the past, all in the name of wanting to look good and really it did the opposite. I didn't feel as great as I thought I would as I was so uncomfortable. Just because it's an oversized dress, doesn't mean it can't look chic. Just because you're wearing trainers, doesn't mean you'll not look as put together. Comfort is just as much of an important outfit element as anything else, and I definitely do not agree with the whole 'no pain no gain' sentiment in terms of style.


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