Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Perfect Smart/Casual Spring Pieces

I recently realised that I've adopted a bit of a spring uniform. The same simple outfit formulation but just switching up the pieces within it to make it look a little different each time. It's the perfect smart/casual look, so thought I'd share in case it's just the kinda vibe you're looking for.

Essential element number one - a shirt. All I want to wear right now are super crisp shirts, whether they're pure white, or patterned I do not discriminate! However, I do look for comfort in my shirts as I don't like being too restricted. So, if you're like me and like a bit of comfort then size up - I love the look of oversized shirts so it never really bothers me. My favourite right now being this beautiful colour block blue shirt from navabi. It's a really lovely relaxed fit, and made from a very comfortable woven cotton - ideal for spring/summer. 

Second essential item is - a midi skirt. I tend to tuck my shirt into them to make it a cleaner look, but feel free to wear yours as you wish. Midi's are the ideal length comfort wise I find too, and the extra length means you're a little more covered for the temperamental spring weather. This textured skirt (again from my faves at navabi) is one of my most worn spring pieces - it's mega easy to dress up or down, and has a lot of stretch so ticks all my non-restricting boxes! Plus, I feel like it's a nice way to wear tulle without going full on layered princess skirt. 

So, thats pretty much it. Told you it was super simple! I pair those two pieces in different variations together, then mix up my footwear and accessories. If its a little chilly I add a short jacket too (how gorgeous is the military style jacket I'm wearing in this post!?) and thats it. Fin!

Photos by JonMackenzie Photography. If you're a Dorset based blogger then definitely look Jon up - it's difficult to find a reliable fashion photographer down here -so I can definitely recommend him! Find him on instagram, and twitter

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*Pieces in this post were kindly sent to me. As always, all opinions are my own.
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