Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Why I Always Buy Glasses Online ft Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear at Glasses Direct AD

I've worn glasses since I was 12 and still remember my very first pair; They were from a local independent optician, the choice was abysmal, but they still cost my mum a small fortune. Nobody went online to buy glasses then, you were kinda forced to buy locally and accept the ridiculous prices, but now it's the only way I'd buy my glasses so I thought I'd show you my most recent pair, and tell you why online is where its at for eyewear.  

Glasses are honestly one of my most favourite things to buy, so when Glasses Direct got in contact with me in regards to their Dolce & Gabbana range - I was thrilled! I selected the super chic 3234 frames from the Boutique range, as I was really attracted to the subtle cat-eye shape, classic tortoiseshell front, and beautiful flash of gold on the arms. They arrived really well packaged in a number of boxes, including the very luxe branded outer box and travel case.  Since I tried them on, I haven't really taken them off! I adore the shape, the styling, even the colours of the tortoiseshell make for a really beautiful and unique piece of eyewear. 

In terms of pricing, they are extremely reasonable for designer eyewear. I've previously paid hundreds for glasses in store, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see the pricing of the Boutique pieces from Glasses Direct. Lenses also start from just £10 - another mega bargain! You can also add a tint to any pair to make them sunglasses - such a great idea, as some pairs of glasses I'd love to see as sunglasses and vice versa. 

Buying glasses online might seem a little confusing for some who are used to shopping in physical high street stores, but trust me when I say there are some great benefits to online shopping:-

  1. Price. Sites like Glasses Direct essentially cut out the middle man, and offer extremely competitive prices. For me, this has sometimes meant a saving of over a couple of hundred pounds.
  2. Detail. You'll most likely be able to find a high level of detail about the pair you're interested in, so you can do a little research. You're probably going to wear them on your face a lot, so it's always nice to have a proper look before you buy. When you know the styles/sizes that suit you shopping for them online is mega simple, plus you don't have your optician/a sales person pushing their own thought on you - always a bonus. 
  3. The sheer excitement when they arrive in the post! New glasses days are the best days - especially when they're an investment piece you've waited for.

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