Wednesday, 24 May 2017

4 Pieces You Need In Your Summer Wardrobe

I don't want to tempt fate BUT, I hear we're going to have a mini heat-wave this week in the UK, and my good god I. Am. Excited. Admittedly I can't really be in the sun due to medication, but warm weather means summer wardrobe, outdoor eating, and generally feeling happier (in the shade, I promise). I thought I'd show you 5 fashion pieces I've picked up lately for my summer wardrobe, because I can now finally wear them...for this week at least!

1. A Woven Bag - Woven bags are everywhere this season, from the super cute basket style, to the pom pom adorned clutch, there's probably one out there you're gonna like. I chose this metallic gold beauty as I thought I could wear it with just about anything this summer.

2. A Mega Comfortable Dress - I cannot deal with feeling uncomfortable, especially in summer when it's too hot to cope. So I fill my warmer weather wardrobe with light, comfortable, and easy-to-wear dresses, like this midi jersey dress which is 100% worth the price tag as it's one of the most comfortable, high quality pieces I've found this season.

3. A Statement Kimono - They're airy, they look great, plus they hype up any outfit - what's not to like?! This waffle texture kimono is my new favourite outerwear piece as it's just light enough for summer, and just adds so much to any outfit I pair it with.

4. Black Sandals - Probably something you'll already have in your wardrobe, but this seasons sandals are in the buckle, tassel and slider variety. I love all of these wide fit options!

Photography by Jon Mackenzie - Find Jon on Twitter and Instagram.

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