Friday, 30 June 2017

Why You Should Get It All Out This Summer

With summer comes the notorious, bullshit 'beach body' propaganda. We deal with it every.single.year. So far, I feel like i've managed to dodge/block a lot of it but when one campaign dies down, another quickly pops up. I'm here to tell you that absolutely nothing said in these campaigns should affect what you wear, how you feel or how good a summer you have. For so many years I let them affect mine and now I refuse to let that happen.

Of course, I'm human and sometimes words do get to me, but I have spent so many of my summers apologising for my body. Apologising for taking up space, wearing a jacket or a cardigan so as to not offend anyone with my chunky upper arms, leggings under a dress so I didn't upset anyone with my chubby legs. Why should I dress uncomfortably to appease the feelings of complete strangers? Answer: I shouldn't. Please get those arms out, if anyone looks at you - smile. Get your chub rub shorts on and get your legs out, be comfortable and keep cool. 

If you're new to this way of thinking, then you're probably thinking 'this is easier said than done', and yes it absolutely is. I wish I had been someone who had been able to turn a switch and change my mindset into not caring what other people thought, but it was a lot slower for me. Here are a few things you could try to help you get on your way to a comfortable + enjoyable, carefree summer:

1. If you're worried about wearing a bikini - for example - in public, then spend time wearing it around your house, get used to how it feels and looks on your body. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look, try to embrace everything you have. 

2. Take selfies. I think I send one of my selfies to my bestie every single time I take one, especially if it's an underwear or bikini selfie. She's always SO complimentary on how I look, and that boosts my confidence even more. 

3. Go on Instagram. Let me tell you, there are a BEVVY of scantily clad plus size babes on Instagram. They're living their lives, they're having fun and they will hopefully inspire you to do the same this summer. I've popped a few below, and also this Cosmopolitian article which includes a load of us in swimwear!:

(L: @Lottie_Lamour  R: @Naomi_G)


Photography by Jon Mackenzie - Find Jon on Twitter and Instagram.

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