Tuesday, 17 October 2017

3 Things I've Been Doing To Get My Body Confidence Back

Lately, I've been so busy lately that I've barely noticed a steady increase in a lack of body confidence creeping up on me. I know that everyone has their moments, even if you would consider yourself as 'body positive', it's difficult to ALWAYS like your body. I've been working over the past couple of weeks on getting that confidence back, which admittedly has been even more difficult than usual in the midst of a chronic pain flare up. I thought I'd let you know the few things I've been doing to try to help, in the hope that if your confidence is low, they might help you too.

1. Wear more I feel good in - I'm definitely an introvert and spend a lot of time at home as it's where I feel most content and comfortable, but in doing that I kind of got stuck wearing the same 'chuck-on' outfits with my hair up in a top knot, make-upless. Don't get me wrong theres nothing at all wrong with that its literally my daily uniform, but too many of those days definitely dip my confidence. I - like most people - like looking nice, it lifts my spirits and my confidence, and gives me a little boost. I've been dressing for myself recently, not for anyone else and it has felt GREAT. I had a moment of doubt when I put this look together as I had quite a lot of leg out -sometimes I can't deal with the looks you get when you're fat with visible leg - but I loved the outfit and how simple it was, with a wee pop of colour so I wore it and felt great. 

2. Accept compliments - I struggle doing this when my confidence is low. When my partner tells me I look beautiful when I don't feel it, my automatic reaction is 'I really don't'. I am extremely lucky to be with someone that tells me I'm beautiful every single day - even on my bad days. In fact he definitely compliments me more when I feel like crap, and I've started to accept them. I might think that I look awful in a new dress, or it would look better on me if I was a size smaller, but he doesn't, so hearing and accepting those nice words from your partner or friends can make all of the difference.

3. Be more selective - I've been much more selective lately in a few ways which combined have helped to get back some of my body confidence. One of which is being picky with who I give my time to, and spending more of my time talking to the positive people in my life that make me feel good about myself. It can be so difficult spending time with people that continually talk about diets, weightloss etc, so surrounding myself with the best body positive babes I know has been so helpful. I'd suggest following @BodyPosiPanda and @LottieLamour! 

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