Thursday, 15 March 2018

How I Build Up My Savings ££

Let me start by saying that I am REALLY skilled at spending money. I could spend money before I've even received it, in fact I'm probably mentally spending your wages right now... (In my head I'm buying a bag and a new Monica Vinader ring) But, I've always been just as good at saving money and living within my means. Right now, I'm saving for something big, and wanted to share a couple of things I've been doing which have helped me to save around 4k in just over 2 months. 

|| Just a wee disclaimer: this blog post is to help anyone trying to build up their savings account. These are things I PERSONALLY do. You do not have to do them, and I'm definitely not a money expert. This post is in no way meant to undermine or make anyone feel like they do not earn enough it is purely here to maybe give a few tips to anyone - like myself - trying to frantically save some money. ||

I've definitely sacrificed a few things to save money, but once I see my savings increasing it motivates me so much to keep going! I've put together a list of a few things I've been doing to bump up my savings, in the hope that it might help you too if you need a bit of inspiration on how to save whilst still having a bit of a life.

Pitch more. Ok, so you're probably thinking this is mega straightforward, but being in the blogging/online/self employed world it can be pretty difficult to save money when you're not sure when you'll next be paid. I took a wee bit of advice from my pal Grace, and started pitching ideas to a  few brands that I wanted to work with, and low and behold IT. WORKED. If you're an online creator I would 100% recommend pitching your own ideas to brands, don't wait for the opportunities to come to you, theres no harm in trying! This has definitely helped me save the bulk of what I've managed to stash away over the past couple of months. I set my rates, and only negotiated if I really wanted to work on that specific opportunity. 

Sell Stuff. You know that pile of clothes you've probably got stashed in a cupboard somewhere that you've been meaning to go thorough to put on depop? GO AND DO IT! Taking all of the images, and doing the copy can be time consuming, but it's so worth it when you've emptied a bag of stuff you never use anymore AND earn a little money out of it. Any money I earn from depop I put straight into my savings. I treat it like it's something I can't touch. I managed to make a an amount I was so pleased with, just from doing this, but you have to be willing to put the time into answering messages + posting etc. You can find me on depop by searching my username @Cloballl. 

Split Your Funds. Something that I've done for years to help me save money is to split my money into 'essentials' and 'personal' funds. 'Essentials' covers things like rent, bills, business expenses. 'Personal' covers all the fun things, luxuries and generally non-essentials like coffee's, lunches out etc. For the last couple of months I've spent less on luxuries so every left over penny I've popped into my savings account. The little luxuries can really add up, for example if you buy a coffee every morning for work that costs £3.50 x 5 days a week x 50 weeks a year (lets give you two weeks holiday!) thats £875 a year PURELY on coffee. Lowering that down to 2 a week is still over £300 a year, but hey, some of us need coffee to survive! Obviously not everyone drinks coffee or spends this much on coffee, it's just an example of something that someone might regularly buy. 

Subscribe to things. You still need to have a life when you're saving. Well, that's how I feel anyway. I know i'd maybe save more if I was ok with having a less of a life, but for me its essential to still have a nice time. For that reason, I subscribe to a couple of things that still help me to save money, but they're enjoyable at the same time. One of which is Audible. I absolutely LOVE audible, I use it daily and think the £7.99 per month price is mega reasonable. You can even return a book if you didn't like it, and swap it for one more suitable. I also subscribed to Readly which lets you read as many magazines as you like for £7.99 a month - it saves me so much money considering a paper magazine is around £4.50 now. 

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