Saturday, 14 April 2018

What I'm Most Proud Of

How often do you take stock of your achievements, and the things that you're proud of? Probably not as often as you should. We're so busy trying to achieve the next thing that we rarely take the time to think about all that we've done, from the little things to the huge, life changing accomplishments. It's something that I find quite difficult to do at times as I associate a lot of my self worth with my productivity, so I'm thrilled to be working with Curvissa on their new #EmbracingMe campaign with the challenge of letting you all know what I'm most proud of, and I hope that you share yours too - you might be in win the chance of winning something pretty amazing if you do!

I've had a long think about the things that I'm most proud of, and thought I'd share two of them with you. These are probably the two things that make me most proud of myself at the moment. Your achievements are constantly changing - maybe without you even realising. If you're a mum that in itself is an achievement! Maybe you've just been promoted to a position you've been striving for for years, or perhaps you're proud of yourself for reaching out to someone to ask for help. If it fills you with pride then it's definitely worth acknowledging.

I have Psoriatic Arthritis (PSA) which I was diagnosed with back in December 2013, and it has affected every single aspect of my life. Work, relationships, capabilities, friendships - everything changed for me. It has taken me years to feel like I have finally accepted that I have a chronic condition, and that I'm able to manage it. I'm proud that I manage to travel - when I feel well enough - even though PSA regularly tries to stop me. I'm proud that I reached out for help with chronic illness related anxiety, even when my brain told me not to. 

I'm proud that I consistently inject my medication - when at the beginning I was absolutely petrified and didn't think i'd be able to do it. Now, I honestly can't wait to whack it in, haha! I'm extremely proud to be in a position where I can raise awareness for arthritis and invisible illnesses. I recently created a video on the subject for BBC The Social which currently has over 100k views - I was beaming with pride when I saw how many comments there were from people with similar conditions to mine, supporting and offering advice to each other. 

It has been difficult to embrace my chronic illness, but I feel like now that I finally have, my confidence is increasing and I'm on a mission to raise as much awareness as possible! 

I have to thank my chronic illness for this one, because I don't think i'd have without it. This blog is by far one of my biggest achievements. In fact, it makes me really emotional to even think about it, as I created it when I couldn't work and I was extremely unwell but I NEEDED to do something. It sounds potentially dramatic, but blogging has changed my life. 

Here's how - 

-Blogging is now my job, alongside my styling business which I created to exclusively help plus size women. I started this blog as a hobby and feel extremely lucky that something which I absolutely LOVE doing, is now my job. 

-My body confidence has transformed. Obviously I still have those days where I'm not as confident as others, but blogging has honestly helped me to embrace my body, and encourage others to do the same. I think about my body completely differently than I used to. I was raised in a family where there was constant diet/weightloss chat, and I'm now thankfully at a place where I realise that being a certain size isn't my main goal in life. 

- I've had some incredible opportunities thanks to my wee corner of the internet, some really fun campaigns and events where I regularly have those 'pinch yourself' moments.

- Creating content I'm proud of for the BBC - something I absolutely would NEVER have believed would happen when I first started my blog. My first video on 'Reclaiming the word Fat' has had over 300,000 views - this absolutely blows my mind! 

For me, is the epitome of #EmbracingMe. I share just about everything with you across here and my social media channels. In the beginning I was relatively shy and hadn't really found my individual style, but now I completely know who I am and want to help encourage every other plus size woman to do the same. We deserve it. 

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If you fancy sharing what you're most proud of then you could be in with the chance of winning £1000 of TUI Holiday Vouchers! Yesssss for some sunshine! All the details on what you need to do are below. 

To be eligible all you need to do is enter via the Curvissa Facebook page - using the form - You can also enter here on the Curvissa website, or post about what you're embracing via your own insta or twitter account! Make sure you tag @Curvissa and use the tags #EmbracingMe and #FeelGood. The competition will run until the 30th of June 2018, when Curvissa will pick 1 E X T R E M E L Y lucky winner! 

Curvissa are also putting together a gallery of all of their favourite entries on the website too, so you might even spot yourself on there! GOOD LUCK! #EmbracingMe #FeelGood

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*This post was created in collaboration with Curvissa. All words + opinions are my own.
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