Wednesday, 25 July 2018

15 'Weird' Things About Me...That I Should Probably Keep To Myself

We all have those wee quirks that make us unique, don't we? Big or small, those wee weird things are what make us different, and I always find it really interesting hearing them from someone else. So, I thought I'd share mine with you. I probably shouldn't because now you're all going to know just how uncool I really am, but f*ck it, embracing my inner weird!

Let me prefix this by saying that you might not think some of these are 'weird', but I've listed the things I think some people might consider a wee bit out of the ordinary. Feel free to judge me because WOW I'm even ashamed to write some of these haha!

1. I love politics, and have done since I was about 10. (I fancied David Cameron for YEARS, sorry to everyone who was my friend during that time.)

2. I wash my hands about 20x a day

3. If I'm at home and someone calls me for a long chat I ALWAYS clean my house or work while we talk I can't just sit, relax and chat. 

4. I hum in my sleep - I've done this since I was born. 

5. I can't sleep unless the room is in TOTAL darkness. So in hotels i have to use clothes, pants, pretty much anything to cover all the wee lights in the room. 

6. I can't bare to close my eyes whilst washing my hair in the shower. 

7. My sister and I talk in a weird creepy voice to each other every time we talk. If you have a close sibling you might understand this one?!

8. I give nicknames to people to remember their names + always give them to people I'm close to.

9. I hate wearing shoes.

10. I have to have 3 pillows to be able to sleep. 2 under my head, and 1 to spoon.

11. When I was a kid I used to eat book pages because I loved the smell of them so much I clearly just couldn't resist. (Jesus Christ why am I disclosing this, also I'd probably still do this if I could get away with it)

12. I LOVE cold tea and coffee.

13. I own about 80 lipsticks. (hugely underestimating this number)

14. Sometimes I touch things 9 times if I'm worried about something. (It would take me hours to fully explain why I do this, sorry.)

15. I watch a lot of horror movies even though they honestly scare the living shit out of me. SELF TORTURE. If I sense a scary bit I turn the volume down so it doesn't sh*t me up too much. 

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I'd love to hear yours too! Comment all your weirdest over on my Instagram.

Chloe x
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