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AD| How To Give A New Build A Homely Feel, Fast! - Feat Desenio

So. I very recently became a home owner - scary but exciting - and I found that everyone kept asking me the same question when we spoke about buying a new build house - 'how are you going to decorate it?' , 'new builds are like blank canvas' what are you going to do to make it your own?' - honestly, I found it all a little overwhelming. I've only ever rented before where you're not really allowed to do anything so although I had a lot of ideas, I didn't really have anything firm - plus I happen to be the most typical pisces on the planet and can't make any decisions! 

New builds are like an empty shell. When you first move in the walls are all white, not a mark or dent, theres no character, its a completely blank canvas. Some people might LOVE that vibe, but I really couldn't wait to make it seem more like home. So, I started with colour schemes. I thought about the general style and vibe I wanted for each room. I went for grey laminate flooring through the whole of the downstairs as I wanted it to be cool toned and relaxing. For upstairs I went for a light grey/silver carpet as I feel silver matches with just about anything, and I am a BIG metals fan, whether they're on their own or mixed. 

I've shopped with Desenio a lot in the past and knew the fastest way I could make our new house feel more like a home, was to select the perfect prints and frames for each room. Really take your time to think through the colours you want in each room and how the prints you like are going to fit. I knew instantly the style of print I wanted for the living room. I wanted them to be big, blue and gold and a bit of a statement. I think I succeeded in that, don't you think?! 

So, here are a few tips on how to make your new build feel a little more homely, fast!

1 - Framed prints are a great, and relatively inexpensive way to make your new build home instantly feel more homely. Go big if you want to add a statement - like my 'Imagination' prints! If you're looking for some inspiration, definitely check out the Perfect Pair tab on the desenio site to see the perfect poster duos.

2 - Focus on adding in touches colour. So you probably can't paint your new build for the first 9-12 months so selecting items from your colour scheme will help you get a feel for a colour without having to paint  your walls. 

3 - Burn your favourite scent. When I first moved I felt like I was living in someone elses home, but now I have my favourite scent in my diffuser burning, and a couple of my most loved candles - it finally feels a little more like home! 

4 - Make the basics more interesting. I spent a lot of time selecting the right blinds and lampshades to add a little more interest to each room. I get it, blinds aren't all that fun to look at, but they instantly make your house feel more homely when they're fitted - plus it means everyone stops staring in your windows...

5 - Accessorise til your hearts content! Paint isn't everything, you can add decoration in so many different ways. Rugs, printed towels, Vases, picture frames, wall art, even your soap dispenser can all add a little something to a rooms overall vibe. 

*This is a paid collaboration with Desenio, however all opinions are my own*

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